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Sharks 3D 2.1.0

The Sharks return in the sequel more harsh than ever of Hungry Shark Evolution! Control a shark with an insatiable appetite and cross several oceans by devouring everything that crosses your way, from the small fry and the birds to the whales to the humans! Choose among many sharks divided into 7 sizes, the most emblematic of all marine predators: the big white! Explore the sumptuous Pacific islands, the ice of the Arctic Ocean, the exotic Arabian Sea and now the South China Sea, an urban destination full of life and victims! Leave free your appetite with 3D graphics quality console that will make the eddies!

Sharks 3D 2.1.0

For those of you who have followed Indie Retro News throughout the years, you have probably noticed that we mainly feature retro games and PC(Windows) based news. But today I was contacted about a brand new emulator update for Windows, MacOs and Linux, that had some rather interesting features which could make it one of the best emulators to be used at home your PC. The emulator I'm going to mention is ' Retro Virtual Machine ' which is currently at version 2.1.0. 041b061a72


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