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Today's tour of turn-of-the-20th-century Brisbane is brought to you by digitised postcards from our collection, while the commentary is provided by this tourist guideopen_in_new, produced by the Queensland Government Tourist Bureau from the same period. So make yourself comfortable and get ready to discover this great city.

buy postcards brisbane


Please email Art Shed Brisbane prior to returning the goods ( and provide the following: invoice number; product name; reason for refund request; submit an image if possible; include all your contact details). Once a return has been approved, we will organise the return of the goods (in the case of faulty goods, Art Shed Brisbane will be responsible for return postage costs). Once we receive the goods, you will receive your refund via your original payment method within 14 working days.

As a business owner, you may be wondering why you should choose custom postcards over other forms of printed marketing? Here are 6 great reasons why choosing custom postcards printing for your Brisbane business is an excellent choice:

Whether you are an amateur cartophile, a collector of cards of illustrators like Mucha or Kirchner, of monuments, of forgotten trades, of postcards of the past, you will find the collectibles that interest you here.

Old postcards and photography are very closely linked. Postcards were created in France and were successful very quickly. Witnesses of the past, postcards are linked to events, transport or daily life of the past. They made it possible for some people to see the faces of their kings or other personalities and to discover holiday spots from all over the world. Today, many collectors are happy to find these reminders of the past through old postcards.

POSTCARD ART presented art created by Artist Members of 1708 Gallery (formerly 1708 E. Main) that make use of the visual and historical tradition of postcards. The works on exhibit were created with the knowledge that they would be transferred into the postcard format. The postcards extend the opportunity for communicating a visual message, and answer the challenge posed by resulting changes in medium and scale.

Based on the phenomenal bestseller Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, this set of postcards celebrates some of the most inspiring heroes, from Malala and Michelle Obama to Ada Lovelace and Zaha Hadid. Beautifully designed, these are postcards that will inspire generations with the extraordinary stories of fifty women who have changed the world. With a short bio of the woman on each card and powerful quotes, this is a perfect gift for all the rebels in your life.

The national postcard design, printing and distribution firm has printed more than 300 million postcards since it launched in 1992 and amassed a distribution network of nearly 1600 venues. These span cafes, bars, cinemas, theatres, libraries, universities and galleries.

She returned to Australia and scored funding through the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS), which paid her $135 a week in salary via JobStart as she attempted to build the business. The postcards found their niche with national arts and culture organisers, festivals, events and exhibitions.

Melbourne Festival has booked countless campaigns with Avant Card over the years. Head of marketing David Hall says Avant printed postcards, mini-mags and also distributed printed program guides to nearly 6000 venues nationally.

Black and white photographs of assorted sizes and subjects, mainly mountain views, including: RAAF aerial photographs of Brisbane Ranges and Mt Buninyong; a number of unlabelled snow scenes; labelled postcards and photographs of Cathedral Range and Marysville, including one postcard annotated with geological information; infra-red photographs of Cathedral Range and Taggerty area. 041b061a72


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