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Archive 81

Archive 81Created byRebecca Sonnenshine[1]Directed byRebecca ThomasProduction company(s)Atomic MonsterGenreMysteryHorrorBroadcast InformationCountry of originUnited StatesSeasons1Episode Count8Original ReleaseJanuary 14, 2022Series on NetflixArchive 81 is an American supernatural thriller series from executive producers Rebecca Sonnenshine and James Wan. The series is based on the popular horror podcast of the same name, about researchers cataloging the video archive of a missing filmmaker. The series was released on January 14, 2022 on Netflix. The show was canceled on March 24th, 2022.

Archive 81

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Camila: In the grand world of horror podcasts, Archive 81 caught my eye because of the title: Was it about an archives and an archivist, or was the title just a name for a collection of stories? I was thrilled to learn that the podcast was about a young archivist named Dan, who is starting a new term position in a mysterious archives to stabilize and digitize cassette tapes. Dan is also recording both his work and each tape session as he digitizes them. Each tape is part of the oral history of an apartment building called the Visser Building; the tapes were damaged in a fire and need a professional hand to repair them. What follows is an exploration of psychological horror as the isolation, the fear, and (possibly) the content of the tapes themselves begin to take their toll on Dan. I tried to apply a non-critical lens to the story, but found that as an archivist, there were aspects I simply could not leave unexamined.

Dan was only able to succeed in finding Melody with the help of his friend Mark Higgins, a podcaster and impromptu amateur detective who is devoted to Dan, though at times the friendship feels very one sided. As season one comes to an end Dan is stuck in the past and will need help to return to Mark and his original timeline where Melody is also waiting. A young girl named Jess was entrusted with the archive in 1994 and she may be the partner Dan will need to avoid cultists, witches and the inter-dimensional fiend lurking just behind an ominous melody.

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