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Avtandil Socks
Avtandil Socks

[S4E15] Welcome To The Remodel

I wonder if we will ever find out how much the remodel cost the Butlers. Tina said the insurance covered most of it. But that is what people say when they don't want their spouse to know how much they spent.

[S4E15] Welcome to the Remodel

The remodel was fantastic, they removed a whole wall between the dining room and the kitchen, right? Opening up that whole space? They do have the whole island now, but how is that going to work in the future? Scenes around Calvin and Tina's dining room table were such a huge part of the show. Now the dining room is relegated to behind the kitchen in sitcom no man's land where no-one will tread. The island is nice, but other than Calvin's "end" and the three stools at the counter, how are they going to do those scenes? Is Tina going to stand at the sink? Maybe we'll get one more new set out of this! 041b061a72


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