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SC Oțelul vs FC Botoşani în direct 2022 22.12.2023

Oţelul Galaţi a încheiat la egalitate pe teren propriu, scor 2-2, meciul disputat în compania formaţiei FC Voluntari, în meciul de debut al etapei a şaptea ...

Considerung the lineup of their last matches, it's probable that FC Botosani will play with the midfield consisting of Alexandru Tiganasu, Gabriel David and Eduard Florescu, while the defense is formed by Romario Benzar, Junior Pius, Rijad Sadiku and Victor Dican. While Razvan Ducan will try to protect the team's own goal, Virgile Pinson, Kablan Davy N'Goma and Miroslav Ilicic will try to break through SC Otelul Galati's defensive line and score goals. Otelul Galati vs Botosani » Predictions, Odds, Live Scores & StatsOn Friday, the 22. 12. 2023, ASC Otelul Galati will host FC Botosani in Galati on the 21st matchday of the Romania Superliga. At 03:30 PM UTC, fans in the Otelul Din Galati and at home will watch the two teams compete. These teams played previously at the Stadionul Municipal in Botosani on 19. 08. These players will likely be nominated by the manager as substitutes for the team: Andrei Ureche, Alin Seroni, Charles Petro, Alfie Adams, Andrei Dragu, Marius Cioiu, Carlo Casap, George Ionuț Dragomir, Jean-Armel Drole. Soccer bets–there's much to consider When it comes to picking out a winner there's much to consider, but finding value in a betting selection is the key. [[[TELEVIZIUNE IN DIRECT!!!]!]] SC Oțelul vs FC Botoşani în acum 11 ore — Pertandingan oțelul galați vs fc voluntari CS Viitorul Ianca is going head to head with SC Oțelul Galați starting on 14 Sep 2022 at 13:30 UTC . Oțelul vs FCSB în direct 2022 31.10.2023 Pe net Partida a fost transmisă în direct pe PRO ARENA și VOYO. Botoşani vs U Cluj în direct 2022 30.10.2023 Pe Flashscore.r acum 1 zi — ÎÎVÎ SC OTELUL GALATI MM a ... Botoşani vs Dinamo București în direct 2022 18 decembrie 202 acum 4 zile — FCM Alexandria vs FC Botoşani în direct 2022 2 noiembrie 202 FCM Alexandria vs FC 2023 — VEÎV 0 23 FC VOLUNTARI EVEVÎ -7 SC OTELUL GALATI 17? Those bets that are projected to pay out at a higher rate than they should, require multiple metrics to be taken into account such as goals, goal averages, last matches performance, direct h2h records or lineups. Naturally, both teams want to win the game, although SC Otelul Galati seems to be in favor of the odds with a 55. 5% chance. FC Botoșani, with a probability of 18%, is less likely to leave the match as the winner. If you want to enjoy the best outcome, place your bet once you've also considered these facts: Did you know that ASC Otelul Galati scores 18% of their goals between the minutes 0-15? Alexandru Mihai Constantin Pop is ASC Otelul Galati's top scorer with 8 goals. Alexandru Mihai Constantin Pop, Stefan Bodisteanu, Juri Cisotti and Frederic Maciel will try to put pressure on the oppsoing team and score goals, as will the midfielders Ionut Neagu and Samuel Teles Pereira Nunes Silva. In case of an injury or for tactical reasons, the following players will probably keep themselves ready for substitution: Relu Marian Stoian, Andrei Rus, Francois Yabre, Vasile Jardan, Rosario Latouchent, Razvan Andrei Tanasa, Diego Zivulic, George Carjan, Kehinde Abdul Fatai Feyi. CFR Cluj vs U Cluj în direct live 21 decembrie 2023 Uită la acum 1 zi — În ultimul meci din acest an, Oțelul va primi vizita lui FC Botoșani SC Oţelul Galaţi: Dur-Bozoancă 7 - Zhelev 6, Cisse 7, Lovric 7, M. Silva ... 2023. In fact, it hasn't even been a year since their challenge for the win. As neither SC Otelul Galati nor FC Botoșani scored a goal in their last meeting, fans, players and managers are eager to see which one will walk away the winner this time around. OTE won the previous 2 matches out of the total 3. That's why they're expected to win this upcoming game. In the last three matches of the two teams facing each other, FC Botosani scored a total of 2 goals while ASC Otelul Galati only scored 1. Temperatures on the matchday will probably not rise high, reaching a daily maximum of 19°C, so the players shouldn't be exhausted too soon. However, chances for clear are quite high, so they might have to deal with that. SC Otelul Galati, currently being on the 11th position in the league, are surely expected to keep their lead; especially with them being five positions higher in the league than FC Botoșani. Who's going to play? To make a long story short, here you can find the probable starting lineup for each team. Botoşani vs SC Dinamo 1948 în direct 2022 18 decembrie acum 4 zile — acum 8 zile — Urmărește FCU 1948 Craiova v FC Botoșani 11. 12. 2023 live - livescore, statistici H2H, ultimele rezultate și alte informații ... SC Oțelul Galați FC Dinamo București live resultat, H2H SPORT TV< < < Oțelul vs Dinamo București n direct 2022 29 septembrie 2023 acum 6 zile — Le match FC U Craiova 1948 Otelul Galati en direct live du 23. — ...




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