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Arma 3 Trigger Activated By Specific Unit !!BETTER!!

I searched a little but am still not sure how to do this. I want a switch trigger to activate when any of a group of units enter it. Lets say I have units named BTR1, BTR2, and BTR3. What would I type in the conditions box if I wanted any of these to activate the trigger if the entered it? And what other settings up top should I use?

Arma 3 Trigger Activated By Specific Unit

These options provide a graphical method of creating a trigger condition. The chosen Activation option generally combines with selected condition type from the six condition types below (Present, Not Present, Detected by West, etc). Some of these conditions can not be easily or efficiently recreated using script commands. Note that these options only define what value this (in the condition string) will have each time the trigger is checked. Choose who or what will activate the trigger from the drop down menu. If the trigger is linked to a unit, only the relevant options will be available. You may choose :

Defines how many times the trigger can be activated. Only repeatable triggers can deactivate, single use triggers will remain active forever. Most repeatable triggers can only be reactivated once they have deactivated (radio triggers do not follow this rule).

If the activator is a side or object, the trigger will be activated if that side/object is or is not present within the trigger's boundaries. To be considered present, an object must be alive/undestroyed.

These counters can add a degree of randomness to a trigger, and can make the trigger's activation less obvious to the player. For example, player immersion can be destroyed by a "enemy not present" trigger that completes an objective the very microsecond the bullet strikes the last enemy unit.

If the trigger is activated by a radio command, this text will replace the default radio command name in both the command menu and on the radio visible on the mission map.This text will also be displayed within the editor when the mouse cursor hovers over the trigger, allowing the user to quickly identify what the trigger is and does.

This drop down list causes the trigger to play a vocal sample.The audio will seem to be coming from close to the entity that activated the trigger, or if the trigger is linked to a group, the unit will speak the vocal sample (with lip movement).Some of these sounds do not have a text description.

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