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Music Sexy (7) Mp4 [CRACKED]

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Music Sexy (7) mp4

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Prince promoted the song by lip-syncing it with his band on The Midnight Special and American Bandstand, where he gave host Dick Clark an awkward interview, answering his questions with one-word answers.[7] Prince claimed to be 19 but was 21 at the time.[8] Clark later said, "That was one of the most difficult interviews I've ever conducted, and I've done 10,000 musician interviews."[9]

There are two versions of the music video of the hit single. The main version has Prince in an unbuttoned leopard shirt and jeans singing alone in a black background with only a mic, notably with straight/wavy hair and a departure from his afro from a year before. Various shots show him playing the instruments by himself. 041b061a72


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