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EXE_ERR_MSS_INIT_FAILED_MP: What it means and how to fix it for Call of Duty 2 and United Offensive

subclasses that implement the newinstance() method may be accessed via a finalizer attack. the attacker overrides the protected finalize method in a subclass and attempts to create a new instance of that subclass. this attempt fails (in the above example, the securitymanager check in classloader's constructor throws a security exception), but the attacker simply ignores any exception and waits for the virtual machine to perform finalization on the partially initialized object. when that occurs the malicious finalize method implementation is invoked, giving the attacker access to this, a reference to the object being finalized. although the object is only partially initialized, the attacker can still invoke methods on it, thereby circumventing the securitymanager check. while the initialized flag does not prevent access to the partially initialized object, it does prevent methods on that object from doing anything useful for the attacker.

Call of duty exe err mss init failed mp

the java security mechanism can also be used to implement the principle of least privilege, although it does not provide protection as strong as lower-level mechanisms. this can be implemented statically by restricting permissions through policy files and dynamically with the use of the mechanism (see section 9 ). note that when taking this approach, the security manager should be installed as early as possible (ideally from the command-line). delaying installation may result in security-sensitive operations being performed before the security manager is in place, which could reduce the effectiveness of security checks or cause objects to be created with excessive permissions.


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